How to Write a Compare and Contrast Thesis — Guide for Students

Сreating a thesis statement is not easy. However, when it comes to this specific essay type, the things are becoming even more difficult. Now, you have to deal with a double task.

That happens because of some reasons, but the most influential factor is, without a doubt, the essay type. This kind of task is one of the most complicated to write. You have to discuss different ideas. In most cases, they are very controversial, aren't they?

When it comes to a thesis, you need to fit all those controversies in one sentence. Moreover, this sentence should be written in a very clear manner, and the reader should perceive it without making too many efforts and having to read it hundreds of times. So, you can imagine how many efforts it might cost you. Is it possible at all? Only you know it.

So, how to write a compare and contrast thesis? What about tips? Well, there are some helpful indeed, consider them all.

A good compare and contrast thesis should be short. However, it should cover, in just a couple of sentences, all ideas discussed in the paper. So take enough time to do it properly. You might consider modifying the thesis, to achieve the one that looks perfect to you. All in all, ensure that you:

  • Explain the paper idea;
  • use strong words;
  • keep it short.

These are the general requirements. Many students will find them too general, so let us specify them in a more detailed form.

How to Write a Good Thesis for a Compare and Contrast Essay?

It explains a paper’s idea. And anyway, there are exact requirements concerning the length of any thesis. It is very helpful to write down all of them, and after completing the work, it is recommended to check one more time if you managed to comply with all of them. It gives an opportunity to arrange them faster and easier.

Before writing a thesis statement for a compare and contrast essay, check once more the requirements. Did the teacher specify the topic?

Ensure you can provide arguments on the topic. What are the things to discuss? Do they provide the needed features for comparison and contrast? What about your own opinion? And, finally, the most important thing: how to arrange them in a single sentence and make it sound nice?

Writing a compare/contrast thesis statement is a very responsible task, as well. Based on it, your reader will decide whether he wants to continue with the paper, or his interest is over even before he started reading the introduction. So, don’t underestimate it! And if you feel that you have failed, modify it, as many times as needed to make it just impeccable.

Tips to Make Your a Sound Thesis Statement

First of all, you should not forget, that your thesis is all about comparing and contrasting. It is something that you should show immediately, from the first words. The most popular words that are used for this purpose are:

  • Although...
  • As long as...
  • While...

These are the words that show a strong connection between the features that differ and those that are similar, and this is exactly what is needed for this kind of thesis. Moreover, they allow making your thesis really short but complete. Are you familiar with those words-connectors? If not, a good dictionary might be helpful indeed.

A strong compare and contrast thesis sentence is never too long but gives your reader a complete idea about your paper. That might be a complicated task, but once you get it, the reader is yours, as well as a good grade.


Whenever you have this tricky task, thesis writing, moreover, when you are working on such essay kind, do it as if your life depends on it. Well, and to some extent, it depends on it, doesn’t it? That might be the most complicated part of your work, you know. However, if you are hesitating if you are doing it correctly, or if you cannot do it, what about ordering it from our company? We will be glad to help you with any writing tasks, including the most complicated ones!