How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay - Guide

Comparing is something that you face with every day. What about going to a store to buy something? Typically, you decide based on comparisons.

But when we get as an assignment writing a compare and contrast essay, then, we often feel confused and challenged. What happens then with us? Because then, all that we need to do is to present our ideas, those that we have every day and that influence our lives constantly, on paper. That looks so simple!

How to write a compare and contrast essay? In reality, it doesn't look so simple anymore. You arrange your thoughts in a particular way. They should be understandable for any reader who will be interested in reading your paper.

What Is a Compare and Contrast Essay Definition?

Let us move to the actual definition now. Have you noticed, how simple it is? A compare and contrast definition might sound like comparing different qualities, discussing the contraries of the same things. That already sounds good, doesn't it?

Compare and Contrast Essay Format Features

Just imagine for a while: you have handled something in an amazing way, and you are urged to remake it because of such an annoying however simple thing like formatting. Ask all questions about formatting! A citation style belongs to formatting, as well.

The compare and contrast essay format is something that is still perceived as not important. Do you still believe that content is all, however, formalities are nothing? What a huge mistake it is! Bad or just improper formatting can spoil all your efforts, even though the content might be perfect.

Every time you compare and contrast, don't hesitate to apply lists or tables. Usually, they are even welcomed in such kind of paper.

Compare and Contrast Essay Structure to Follow

A typical structure is something that makes a paper logical. Creating this logic, this consecutive flow of thoughts is the primary target of any structure. A compare and contrast essay structure has the same functions. Hence, it should follow a standard.

  • The initial step is usually an introduction; there, you introduce your ideas.
  • The paper's main part, where you substantiate your ideas.
  • And, finally, a conclusion. There, you make own summary and clarify all details.

Sometimes, a thesis is needed. However, this part isn't mandatory for this writing assignment, so, ask your teacher if it is expected or you'd rather leave it out.

Introduction for a Compare and Contrast Essay

What could you manage in an introduction? Well, all in all, you hook each of your readers. Make him want desperately to read your paper. Moreover, make him want to do it just now, without the smallest delay, because that might be the turning point in his life.

How to start a compare and contrast essay then? Make it relevant! Maybe that could be a personal story? Or that is a solution to an issue that influences the world. The compare and contrast essay introduction shows how your paper can save the life of everybody. Or maybe it offers a global solution to some problem?

Compare and Contrast Essay Thesis

We came to a very special part. Imagine that you need to fit all into one or two sentences! Yep, they might be long and complicated. But still, they are expected to be perceived with ease. How to write a thesis for a compare and contrast essay?

What about checking the mentioned tips? Many start being frustrated when they discover that their thesis doesn't come out perfect at the first attempt. But that is somewhat normal. You might need to create a few of them, and then, to select the most successful one and elaborate on it to be the perfect one. Some weeks are usually enough to make a fascinating thesis statement for a compare and contrast essay.

Compare and Contrast Essay Conclusion

It might either conclude a fascinating paper in a proper tone or spoil the entire work, even though the essay itself might be created just perfectly. How to conclude a compare and contrast essay and get a better result?

Smart people do it like this:

  • Make it short.
  • Select the most relevant ideas for this part.
  • Organize your thoughts into a table or a list so that your reader will see what belongs to where.
  • Give your ideas and opinions.

After you are done with this part, check all sentences, if they comply with the requirements. Many students ask themselves: "How to end a compare and contrast essay?" You could already have noticed, that it is easy, just some knowledge and tips are needed.

Compare and Contrast Essay Outline Example

You might think, that an outline might be the thing that is needed right now. Okay, we got that:

  1. An Introduction: You tell about the complexity of character and its manifestation in "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen.
  2. The body. Bennet's sisters, Jane and Elizabeth.
    • Similar features:
      • High erudition and general knowledge;
      • honesty, truthfulness in relationships;
      • loneliness in the environment to which they belonged.
    • Contrasting features:
      • Elizabeth's selfishness and authenticity; Jane's gravitating towards the thoughts of other people.
      • Jane's indifference and the deep commitment of Elizabeth to her own voice.
  3. A conclusion.
    • Elizabeth is not like the representatives of the surrounding society. She is very brave for the situation she got into.


Any kind of paper needs a good amount of work, but this particular paper requires good writing skills and an ability to connect things and ideas in a smooth and easy-to-read manner. That's why, if you have even a single doubt, better request professional help from a reliable company.