The Best Compare and Contrast Essay Topics Are Here

When you need to create such kind of essay, you see that it is not an easy task. However, before starting with the actual writing process, you have much work to do. The first part of your work is selecting the best topic for your essay.

Sometimes, your teacher provides a topic. But how should you act if you are the one who has to make a choice? Which topic should you select to make your paper sound perfect? The best topic is always the one that is close to you. Are you interested in some problem that you would like to discuss? Do you know some facts that could be used?

When we speak about compare and contrast essay topics, then, we can note that they cannot be short. You should show the problem to discuss. It means you should show both kind of features: similar ones and different ones. However, there are easy compare and contrast essay topics, but there are very complicated ones. Everything depends.

Compare and Contrast Essay Ideas: Easy and Complicated Ones

One can select a topic that covers absolutely different aspects of life. Anything is fine if you know the field or can research it and if it can be discussed in the form of the given format:

  • Politicians and their policies;
  • Political regimes;
  • Painters and their works;
  • Literature styles.

That is just a generalized list. However, you might already have found something to write about. However, if you are still in doubt and nothing inspiring comes to your mind, you might find useful ready topics.

History and Political Compare Ideas

History and politics are the fields that provide the most interesting topics for your kind of paper. Doesn't matter which period and which region you take, you will find many things to write about. Here are just a few of them:

  1. The American government in comparison with the Soviet government.
  2. Socialism and capitalism.
  3. Nazism and nationalism.
  4. Anthropology and religion.
  5. Middle ages and Renaissance.
  6. Ancient Greece vs. Ancient Rome.
  7. Kingdom and republic.
  8. The Democratic party vs. the Republican party.
  9. Autocracy and dictatorship.
  10. Ancient Greek vs. Modern Greek.

Have you found something that has touched your soul? If history and politics aren't your fields, let us move on, to the next section.

Opposite Things — Form the Best Topic

These things are, probably, the easiest to contrast, but what about comparing them? However, you know them from everyday life, that's why this kind of topics might be the best choice:

  • Men and women.
  • Black and white.
  • War and peace.
  • Fire and ice.
  • Day and night.
  • Left and right.
  • Cold and hot.
  • Good vs. bad.
  • Love vs. hatred.
  • Courage and fear.

Well, okay, they might be somewhat difficult to compare. You might need to check many sources to find the things that are similar. All this is for the reason that in everyday life, we are using them as contrasts only.

IT & Social Media Contrast Ideas

IT and social media have taken their place in our lives. So what about writing a couple of words about them? They deserve it, don't they?

  • Phone and Mail.
  • E-mail vs. Traditional letter.
  • Online and real relationship.
  • Facebook vs. Instagram.
  • Phone vs. Messengers.
  • Real friends vs. Virtual friends.
  • E-commerce vs. Traditional store.
  • Online work vs. Work in an office.
  • Online service provider vs. Traditional service provider.
  • Online marketing and Traditional marketing.

Do you feel a special wish to write something on one of these topics? They aren't too complicated, are they?

Literature Compare and Contrast Ideas

Some people love literature. However, for such kind of paper, you should have a special attitude to literature. How about these ideas?

  • Ancient Roman vs. Ancient Greek drama.
  • Comedy and Drama.
  • Othello and Hamlet.
  • Modern literature vs. Literature of XV century.
  • Science fiction in the 90s and Science fiction nowadays.
  • Prose and Lyrics.
  • Modern lyrics and Ancient lyrics.
  • Modern prose and Middle Ages prose.
  • Modernism and Classicism in literature.
  • Realism and Science fiction.

Well, you might need to study a lot of additional materials to handle one of these topics. But if you manage to do it, the highest grade is guaranteed!

Scientific Compare & Contrast Ideas

Science is one more field that offers great ideas for discussion. Whatever scientific field you take, you will find plenty of the most exciting options.

  • Planets vs. Stars.
  • Earthquakes vs. Tornadoes.
  • Our Galaxy vs. Milky Way.
  • Physics and Chemistry.
  • Moon vs. Earth.
  • Sound vs. Ultrasound.
  • Visible light vs. Infrared light.
  • Light beam vs. Laser beam.
  • Sound speed vs. Light speed.
  • Year vs. Light year.

Yes, we agree, that you should be crazy about science if you want to write a paper on one of these topics. But who knows, maybe that would be the start of the career of your life.

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