Compare and Contrast Essay Tips for Good Writing

A compare and contrast essay might be a hard nut to crack even if you adore writing and have written many stories and essays for now. And what should a poor student do if writing doesn’t belong to his or her strongest skills or is even hated? So, we have developed some tips for writing a compare and contrast essay.

To have your text done correctly, following the tips alone is far not enough. Use your knowledge and creativity — combine them with these tips, to get beyond the expectations teachers have.

Compare and Contrast Essay Guidelines for Students

So, what must such kind of paper contain? One has to compare two objects, analyze what makes them similar and different.

However, one may be surprised to know, those excellent guidelines for writing a compare and contrast essay are not so easy to find. Yes, you might find many of them, but in the end, most tips will be useless.

When writing a compare/contrast essay, the first step is to make the right choice. What about something from everyday life? A homemade cake and a cake from a shop — what about such an idea? Or maybe bats and whales? One may be surprised that such a comparison is even possible! They differ, but they both use ultrasound for communication and detection of objects. What about building your essay on this feature? That would make a proper effect.

The last step before writing a compare-and-contrast essay is organizing the material into some structure. It will be much easier to handle all ideas later if you make a detailed plan. At this stage, you might want to think about smooth transitions from one idea to another, from one paragraph to another. They are needed to create that flow of thoughts that is important for a good paper.

Essay Structure: Steps to Follow

The essay structure doesn’t differ from a standard one. Here, you follow the standard writing stages:

  • An introduction: you start it with something catchy. It should be something that will intrigue your reader and keep him stuck in your paper until he completes reading it.
  • The main part: here, you discuss and unveil the intrigue that was described in short in the introduction.
  • A conclusion. Sum up all the interesting points and make a nice though complete conclusion.

Don’t forget about proofreading. It is rather difficult to make this kind of paper sound smooth. Make sure there are no places that sound incomplete. Haven’t you jumped from one idea to another without making a nice transition? If you find such places, just rewrite them. Because fixing them usually does not help.

Make sure there are no errors. A spell-check function helps to detect most of them, but still, recheck each word once more. A single error might spoil an impression from a perfectly written paper, and will undoubtedly influence your rate.

Which step in crafting a compare and contrast essay helps focus the essay?

In the case at some stage of work you asked yourself this question, it means you got the main idea. We could say, the very first stage is important when you are selecting the topic. Otherwise, how would you write a nice paper?

However, when we speak about the essay focus, of course, the materials selection is very helpful. It is the stage when you not only get to know many new things but when you get really engaged in the work process.


Any paper isn’t easy to write. But the above essay type is perhaps the most complicated writing tasks that you might get. If you have a nice idea, but the essay doesn’t look like you want, if you cannot arrange it in a way that it enchants and fascinates your reader, we recommend you to look for professional help.

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