Compare and Contrast Essay Rubric - Guide

Are you a young teacher or a TA who is learning to mark a student work properly? Or maybe you are a student who wants to make their compare and contrast writing refined and avoid any mistakes? In this article, we will see how compare and contrast essay rubric table is constructed and what are its main points to pay attention to.

Teachers follow this guide and examples to assess students’ assignments. You have probably seen such a rubric as an attachment to your assignment. Such rubrics can also be used by students to see how their work is evaluated, or use it as a checklist for their work. It includes:

  • Categories of criteria.
  • Levels of how well the job was done.
  • Scores of points for evaluation.

Below we will discuss the contents and the demands for these criteria and categories which must be included in a rubric table.

Compare and Contrast Essay Rubric In Detail

A grading rubric like a compare and contrast essay rubric is an evaluation table that helps to grade work properly. It has universal criteria that are used for the assessment of such a work. It has four categories and four levels. The categories are as follows:

  • Thepurposeand supporting evidence or arguments. How does the student understand the purpose of the work? Does it use comparison and contrast in the paper, only one of these, or none? Evaluate from the highest to the lowest point used in your institution for grading.
  • Thestructureand organization. How is the paper organized? Does it have a proper essay structure? Does it have a thesis, body arguments, and conclusion? Do points logically follow one another? How easy is it to read?
  • Grammar. Mistakes make a paper ugly. Are there any grammatical, punctuation errors that may irritate a reader and spoil the content impression? How many of them? The more errors — the lower the score.
  • Citationsand references. How are the citations used? Are there proper quotes according to the assigned style? How many citations are done appropriately? How are references or works cited are listed?
  • Thinking andlogical flow. That is related to the issue of structure. That is why it is useful to make an essay outline or a plan of your paper before writing. It helps to keep your writing logical. How are your arguments set up? Do they follow one another? Can you tell as you read what the paper tells? How is a comparison made? If it is chaotic, lower the grade.
  • Understanding thetopic. Does the student understand overall what he or she is doing in the paper? How does the thesis sound? Do the arguments help it? Or is there a feeling that a student is simply lost in the theme of writing?

These are only general characteristics that are used for essay evaluation. They differ somewhat in high school and a college due to differences and levels of demands. Let us look at both.

The Compare and Contrast Essay Rubric: High School

In a high school, the demands are indeed lower than those at university or a college. A student essay is relatively short, and the compare and contrast essay rubric high school format is also short and basic. It may include only 3-4 criteria:

  • The content understanding.
  • Grammar.
  • Basic structure.

It is easier both for the teacher and for the student and is usually more clear and less sophisticated than in a college. Now let us look briefly at the college demands.

Compare and Contrast Essay Rubric: College

It is a harder job. More advanced reading, more research, more sophisticated understanding is required from a student. And the compare and contrast essay rubric college table also looks more complicated. Logic, thesis, some quotes, complicated psychological, historical, scientific or political comparison between two people or events.

The volume of the paper is 15-20 pages or more, compared to the school 5-7 page essays. And the assessment criteria include not only all of the above but sometimes even some additional points.

Evaluating your own or someone’s job may be hard, but if you construct a rubric table and write in it all your criteria with scores and levels of performance, it will be easier to grade a work clearly and fairly.

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