How to Write a Comparative Essay: Tutorial With Examples

Eager to learn a comparative essay definition and wish to find out what tweaks to use to create a top-notch writing? If your answer is positive and you really can't understand how to deal with this creative academic task, then why not read this insightful review which will help you get to the bottom of this issue. Our key objective is to analyze the main tweaks which will help modern academicians create an A-level essay.

What Is a Comparative Essay — Basic Terms

Before you immerse yourself in a fascinating creative process, you need to understand the fundamental terms and learn the primary aim of this task. It has the potential of influencing your future grade, and if you don't want to get a bad mark, you need to learn the basic rules.

A comparative essay is a simple composition consisting of a few paragraphs focused on providing the detailed comparison of a few things. Otherwise stated, your primary objective is to describe two things by providing the main similarities and differences.

Being a simple creative assignment, this task is meant to compare and contrast different aspects of the subjects. Firstly, you need to identify the similarities between both subjects, and after that, you can move on to describing the key differences.

Keep in mind that in a subject-by-subject comparative essay, each body paragraph must be focused on a particular aspect. For instance, you need to compare two professional drones used mostly by seasoned aerial photographers. To tackle that challenge, you need to decide what particular parameters you wish to compare and contrast (camera, battery life, gimbal, etc.)

How to Start a Comparative Essay: Tips to Follow

Writing a prelude is the most complicated stage for any student. You can't understand how to express your ideas and attract the readers to your comparison. Even so, writing a comparative essay is easier than you may think. Your introductory sentences should comprise an effective thesis statement which should underline the basis of your comparison.

Otherwise stated, you need to define what particular things you wish to compare in your essay. Having read it, your reader will immediately grasp the topic of your research and decide whether they need to read it until the end or not.

We have just defined how to start a comparative essay, and now it is time to come to another side of the coin which is the essay structure. Keep in mind that any essay should have a correct structure.

Comparative Essay Structure Key Points

Like any other creative task, this one should be formatted correctly. So, what does all this mean? Your essay should comprise the following obligatory elements:

  • Introduction.
  • Main paragraphs.
  • A short conclusion.

Your introduction and conclusion shouldn't be too long because their objectives are to start and to finish writing whereas your body paragraphs should consist of a few sections.

Comparative Essay Introduction

As we have already mentioned, the primary aim of this section is to inform the intended readers of the general topic of your comparison. Alternatively stated, you need to introduce the objects of your comparison. Nevertheless, if you wish to make it attractive and exciting, you can apply one of the below-listed ideas:

  • add a funny story;
  • a thought-provoking question;
  • incredible statistics;
  • an anecdote.

In doing so, you'll make your readers put aside all the matters and be mashed on reading your essay. After that, you can easily move on to covering the main topic in the subsequent paragraphs.

Comparative Essay Conclusion

That is the easiest stage of writing, but it doesn't mean you might neglect it. The key purpose of the concluding part is to give a short overview of the whole essay. Therefore, it should be brief and informative.

You still may wonder, what particular aspects to add to this section? In very deed, the answer is simple. Your concluding paragraph must wrap up your essay. That's why you can come to a particular conclusion by describing what goals you managed to achieve in your research.

Comparative Essay Outline Sample

The overarching objective of the outline is to help you group your ideas and structure the whole essay. For you not to rack your brains over this issue, we created a sample of a comparative essay outline.

Topic:Comparison of Two Consumer Drones: DJI Mavic Pro and DJI Spark.

  • Introduction. Add a winning thesis statement explaining that you are going to compare two drones on the basis of the following features: camera, weight, battery life, flight modes, obstacle avoidance systems.
  • Five main paragraphs. For instances, in the first paragraph, you need to compare the camera of both drones, in the second paragraph — the battery life, etc.
  • Make a shortconclusionshowing which drone is the best one.

Following this easy guideline, you'll create a top-quality essay which will help you enhance your writing skills and get yourself to a new level!